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Under-Sink Ultrafiltration (UF) Filtered Drinking Water System

Under-Sink Ultrafiltration (UF) Filtered Drinking Water System

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What Type of Sink Riser Do You Have? (Waterline Between Shut-Off Valve and Faucet)

High efficiency, space-saving drinking water filtration system employs a 4-stage, Inline, I-type filter setup with Sediment, Pre Carbon (Carbon Block), Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane and Post Carbon (Granular Activated Carbon) filters.

  • Our system is quick and easy to install and filter replacements are a breeze.
  • It can be mounted on the cabinet wall under the sink, it can rest on the cabinet floor; it can even be installed remotely in another room like a laundry room or basement that is temperature controlled-to prevent freezing.
  • The 12” inline I-type filters are connected using 1/4” poly tubing and our patented quick release, no tool needed 90˚ elbow fittings for easy and fast filter replacements. 
  • High performance water filters are NSF and WQA labeled. 
  • The system connects to a standard cold water supply using 1/4” poly tubing.
  • The system can be connected to a dedicated sink top filtered water faucet and/or to the refrigerator supply for the  ice maker and cold water dispenser, if so equipped. It can also connect to automatic fill coffee brewers or instant hot drinking water heaters. 
  • When connected to a refrigerator water dispenser/ice maker, this system replaces the manufacturer’s filter by using a bypass plug (bypass plugs are available from the refrigerator manufacturer or other online retailers - just search for your refrigerator’s model number to find the correct plug). 
  • We offer an optional refrigerator/ice maker connection kit (sold separately). The refrigerator kit includes a 1/4” T fitting, a refrigerator connector fitting (7/16” inlet fitting) and 20’ of 1/4” poly tubing.
  • In most residential installations, it is recommended that all of the filters be replaced at least every 12 months. If your incoming water supply is particularly high in sediment or chlorine, it is recommended to replace the two Pre-Filters (Sediment and Pre Carbon filters) every 6-9 months.
  • The Undersink Ultrafiltration Drinking Water System includes the following:
  • Unit comes with Sediment, Pre Carbon, Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane and Post Carbon filters pre-installed (no assembly required) 
  • 8’ of Poly Tubing
  • Faucet equipped with 1/4” push fitting post and a 1/4” straight fitting
  • Installation connection fitting (specify which one you need in options - to determine the appropriate fitting for your needs, see our installation instructions or reach out to us and we can certainly help)
  • Filter flushing kit

The system is most often is installed inside the sink base cabinet, however, it can be installed in remote locations, such as a temperature controlled basement or laundry room, for example.

Most modern kitchen sinks in the US have separate cold and hot shut off valves located in the sink base cabinet. Typically, the hot water valve is on the left side and the cold water valve is on the right side with a 3/8" riser (water line that connects the cold water valve and the faucet).

Installation is simple:

  • Mount faucet
  • Mount Undersink System in designated location
  • Connect 1/4" poly tube from the cold water supply riser to the inlet of the filter system
  • Connect 1/4” poly tube from the outlet of the filter system to the faucet.
  • Flush Filters

When purchasing the Undersink Ultrafiltration System, you will have the option to select which installation adapter will come with your order — If you are unsure which adapter to choose, the following information should help you determine which one you need or feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.

1) Angle stop adapter. It is a simple attachment and best used if your cold water riser is a braided line or flexible hose. To install, the riser nut is removed and the angle stop adapter threads onto the cold water valve. The riser nut that was just removed will now thread onto the top of the angle stop adapter.

2) 3/8 x 3/8 x 1/4" T.  can be used if you have a rigid (hard plastic or metal tube) riser. To install the fitting, you will use a tubing or pipe cutter to make a gap in the riser by cutting a 1”- 1.25” section out of the plastic riser (careful not to cut too much, you only need the gap to be cut large enough to install the fitting into the gap). Install the fitting in the gap by pushing the riser tube firmly into the fitting hole until you feel it seat in place. Then, to test that it is seated, pull the riser ends as if you’re trying to pull them back out of the fitting. If you can’t pull them out, they are installed correctly. If you use this method with a metal riser, make sure your cuts are clean and smooth and that the metal stays in perfectly round shape to prevent leaks.

Weight: 6.2 lbs

Dimensions: 14.5” x 11.5” x 3.5”

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