The Undersink Water System


Photo of the Undersink Ultrafiltration System installed in the cabinet under a kitchen sink. Image highlights the space saving design and small footprint. There is still lots of extra storage space left in the cabinet.
Front Cover of the Undersink Ultrafiltration system
Photo of faucet and faucet installation pieces that are included with the Undersink Ultrafiltration System.
  • One Sediment Filter

    1 - Sediment Filter

    The Sediment filter acts like a strainer, capturing larger particles such as sand, silt, rust, dirt and other debris suspended in the water. This filter is particularly helpful in extending the life of the following filters downstream.  

  • One Pre Carbon Filter

    2 - Pre Carbon Filter

    The Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter is highly effective at removing many types of impurities from your drinking water including chlorine and harmful VOC’s. 

    The main method of contaminant removal by the Pre Carbon filter is adsorption which particles in the water adhere to the surface of the GAC filter material. The Pre Carbon filter also serves the important purpose of protecting and extending the life of the UF (UltraFilter) Membrane.

  • One UltraFilter Membrane water Filter

    3 - Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter

    The Ultrafilter works like a sieve, removing any particles in the water down to 0.001 micron. Some of these particles include bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi just to name a few. One of the benefits to UF filtration, in addition to its excellent contaminant removal, is the retention of beneficial trace minerals in your drinking water. 

  • One Post Carbon Filter

    4 - Post Carbon Filter

    Like the Pre Carbon filter, the Post Carbon filter also employs activated carbon as its filtration method. When used following the Ultra Filter Membrane, the Post Carbon filter works as a “polishing” filter, improving the taste and odor of the fully filtered water. 

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The Undersink System Details

The Undersink System employs a 4-stage inline Ultrafiltration setup, contained in a compact, attractive, space saving case.

  • It can be mounted under the sink on the cabinet wall, it can rest on the cabinet floor; or it can even be installed in in another room such as a laundry room or basement that is temperature controlled (to prevent freezing). 
  • The I-type filters are connected using 1/4” poly tubing and our patented quick release, no tool needed 90˚ fittings for easy and fast filter replacement. (Note: These fittings are standard size 1/4” elbow fittings with an added pull tab so you don’t need a tool or your fingernails to release the fitting from the filter) 
  • High performance water filters are all NSF and WQA labeled. 
  • The 4 filters included (4 stages) are Sediment, Pre Carbon, Ultrafilter, and Post Carbon. 
  • In most residential installations, it is recommended that the filters be replaced at least every 12 months. If your incoming water supply is high in sediment or chlorine, it is recommended to replace the pre-filters (sediment and pre carbon filters) every 6 months. 
  • The system simply connects to a standard cold water supply using 1/4” poly tubing. 
  • It can be used with a dedicated sink top faucet and/or to the refrigerator supply for the ice maker and cold water dispenser, if so equipped. 
  • When connected to a refrigerator water dispenser/ice maker, you will no longer need to use the manufacturer’s refrigerator filters.
  • We offer an optional, easy to install refrigerator/ice maker connection kit (sold separately). The kit includes a T fitting, a 7/16” refrigerator inlet fitting and 15’ of 1/4” poly tubing.