Replacement Reverse Osmosis Filter Set

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Compatible with a wide range of water machines:

  • Wellsys
  • Flowline
  • Bluline
  • Hyundai/Waco
  • Global
  • Jintec
  • International H20
  • Pure Water Coolers
  • Crystal Quest
  • Aquaverve
  • Pure n Natural
  • Vertex
  • One Sediment Filter

    1 - Sediment Filter

    The Sediment filter works like a strainer, capturing the larger particles suspended in the water such as sand, silt, rust, dirt and other unwanted debris. The Sediment filter’s primary function is to help extend the life of the Pre Carbon, Ultrafilter Membrane and Post Carbon filters downstream. 

    Flow Rate: 1 GPM

    Max Pressure: 115 psi

    Capacity: 1,500~2,500 Gallons

    Material: Fine P.P. Sediment

    2.5” x 12” 

  • One Pre Carbon Filter

    2 - Pre Carbon Filter

    The Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter is highly effective at removing many types of impurities from your drinking water including chlorine and harmful VOC’s. The main method of contaminant removal by the Pre Carbon filter is adsorption, where particles in the water adhere to the surface of the granular activated carbon filter media. The Pre Carbon filter also serves the important purpose of protecting and extending the life of the Ultrafilter Membrane. 

    Flow Rate: 1 GPM

    Max Pressure: 115 psi

    Capacity: 1,500~2,500 Gallons

    Material: Fine Carbon Granule

    2.5” x 12” 

  • One Reverse Osmosis Membrane

    3 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter

    A semi-permeable membrane where only water molecules are able to pass through. The pores in the membrane are so small, they can trap impurities as tiny as 0.0001 micron. This includes all disolved solids (TDS) such as salt, trace minerals, ions and fluoride. Reverse Osmosis filtration is used when removing everything from the water is desired.

    Flow Rate: 50 GPD

    Max Pressure: 115 psi

    Material: RO Membrane

    2.5” x 12”

  • One Post Carbon Filter

    4 - Post Carbon Filter

    Like the Pre Carbon filter, the Post Carbon filter also employs activated carbon as its filtration method. When used following the Ultrafilter Membrane, the Post Carbon filter acts as a “polishing” filter, improving the taste and odor of your filtered water. 

    Flow Rate: 1 GPM

    Max Pressure: 115 psi

    Capacity: 1,500~2,500 Gallons

    Material: Fine Carbon Granule

    2.5” x 12” 

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Upgrade Options

Color coded elbow fittings for Ultrafilter replacement set. 8 fittings.

Fittings Upgrade + $10

Make your filter changes a breeze! Patented 1/4"quick release, no tools (or fingernails) needed elbow push fittings for the Ultrafiltration set. Our fittings are color coded to indicate directional flow of water making filter changes quick and easy. The UF fittings upgrade includes a set of 8.

One Alkaline Filter

Alkaline Filter Upgrade + $30

This upgrade replaces the 4th stage Post-Carbon Filter with an Alkaline Filter for an additional $30. 

This filter can be used as an alternative to a Post Carbon filter. Typically, you would use either a Post Carbon filter OR an Alkaline filter as your final filter but you can add the Alkaline filter as a 5th Stage after the Post Carbon, if desired. 

Unlike the filters mentioned previously which are used for contaminant removal, the Alkaline filter is designed to slightly increase the pH level of the water.

Filter Changes are a Snap

Our filters are compatible with a large variety water cooler models

Compatible Models by Brand


  • JCP-8020 
  • Venus
  • W5
  • W7
  • W9
  • 11000+


  • 4011
  • 4011W
  • 4011B
  • 8020
  • 8020W
  • 8020B
  • 350


  • 8020
  • 8020W
  • 8020B
  • 4011
  • 4011W
  • 4011B
  • 350


  • G3
  • G4
  • G5
  • G6

Hyundai / Waco

  • Romeo 1
  • Romeo 2
  • Romeo 3
  • Juliet 1
  • Juliet 2
  • Juliet 3
  • W2 340S
  • W2 310L
  • Poseidon 


  • Venus
  • Titan
  • Hercules

Crystal Quest

  • CQE-WC-00900 Hybrid Ultrafiltration Bottleless Water Cooler
  • CQE-WC-00902 Hybrid Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Bottleless Water Cooler
  • CQE-WC-05900 Sharp Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Bottleless Water Cooler
  • CQE-WC-05902 Sharp Ultrafiltration Bottleless Water Cooler
  • CQP-WC-05901 Turbo UF and RO
  • CQP-WC-05903 Turbo UF

International H2O 

  • H20-2500
  • H20-2500P
  • H20-500


  • Pacifik PF5615
  • Standard STD5615
  • Oceanik XFK5615
  • UNIV5615

Pure Water Coolers

  • PWC-1000T
  • PWC-1010
  • PWC-1500
  • PWC-2000
  • PWC-400
  • PWC-500
  • PWC-600
  • PWC-7000
  • PWC-3500

Vertex Water Filters

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