How to Change Filters in Your Undersink System

Undersink Filter Change Instructions

Changing & Flushing your New Filters 

Tools needed:

  • Bucket
  • Spare piece of tubing with an elbow fitting on one end (included with your filter order)


Changing the filters: 

You will only need to disconnect the fittings from the filters, not the fittings from the tubing.

When removing each of the old filters, remove the top fitting of the filter first (disregard fitting color for this) and put your finger on the filter hole while removing the bottom fitting. This keeps the water that is still in the filter from coming out.

The filters have an arrow showing the direction of water flow. Note the color coded blue and orange no-tool elbow fittings, the orange ones go on the inlet end of the filter and the blue fittings on the outlet end. Replace each filter making sure the arrow is pointing toward the blue fitting. The filter arrows will alternate pointing up and down when installed.

It’s easiest to keep track of where the filters go and which direction they go in if you replace one filter at a time instead of taking them all out at once. 


Flushing the filters:

Once you have your new filters installed, you can flush the Sediment and Pre Carbon filters at the same time and then flush all four filters together.

1. Turn on the filtered water faucet at the sink and allow the water to run. Leave the faucet open for the next steps. This releases the pressure from the system so the fittings can be removed easily.

2. Remove the cover of the Undersink System and turn the blue-handled shut-off valve 1/4 turn clockwise. This will turn the water off to the Undersink System. 

3. Remove the Sediment Filter and replace with the new filter. Repeat with the rest of the filters.

4. Remove the blue elbow fitting (outlet end) from the Pre Carbon filter and attach spare piece of tubing that came with your new set of filters..

6. Turn the water on. The water will flow through the Sediment and Pre Carbon filters into your bucket. It is normal for the water to come out black at first - it is just loose carbon particles. Flush a couple gallons of water into your bucket and then turn the water off.

    5. Remove the spare piece of tubing from the Pre Carbon filter and replace the original fitting.

      6. Now, flush all 4 filters together. You can do this by letting the water flow through all of the filters and out of the faucet or you can use the spare tubing on the outlet end of the Post Carbon filter, like you did with the Pre Carbon filter. 

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