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Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane Filter

Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane Filter

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The Ultrafilter Membrane is composed of a network of hollow fibers that filter water by means of size exclusion. As water flows through the membrane, particles > 0.01 micron are trapped by the fibers and are unable to pass through.

Ultrafilters capture bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, pyrogens, proteins, macromolecules, plastics and endotoxins

One of the benefits to Ultrafiltration, in addition to its excellent contaminant removal, is that trace minerals will remain the drinking water. 

UF Membrane replacement is recommended every ~12 months

UF Membrane needs to be used with Sediment and Pre Carbon Filters.

Pre-Filter (Sediment and Pre Carbon) replacement is recommended ~6-9 months. UF Membranes are chlorine sensitive so if your incoming water supply is heavily chlorinated, pre filters should be replaced ~6 months. 

Arrow on marked on filter and/or filter label indicates the direction of water flow.

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