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1/4” No Tool 90˚ Elbow Push Fittings

1/4” No Tool 90˚ Elbow Push Fittings

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Patented no-tool design 90˚ elbow fittings are color coded (blue and orange). 

Superior to standard 90˚ elbow push fittings, the unique pull tab design feature allows fittings to be easily removed from the filter ports for speedy filter changes without the need for any tools or fingernails and the color coding allows for easy visualization of the filter inlet and outlet ports, making filter changes a breeze. 


To install fittings:

Push 1/4” poly tubing into port until you feel it seat and then to ensure the tubing is securely connected to the fitting, give the tubing a gentle tug, as if you are trying to pull it out of the port. If it has been installed correctly, you will not be able to pull the tubing out of the port. *When checking the connection, don’t pull on the colored tabs or push on the white collet (ring on outside of fitting port). 

To remove tubing from filter ports:

Colored Tab side: using your first and second finger on either side of pull tabs and thumb on the white portion of the elbow, squeeze fingers toward thumb and the fitting will be able to slide off the filter port with ease. 

White collet side: Push the white ring (collet) inward toward the port and at the same time pull the tube out of the port. You should not ever need to remove this side from the poly tubing during regular filter changes, you will only need to remove the colored side from the filter port. 


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