White Wellsys JCP-8020 Water Cooler

How to Clean the reservoir in a Wellsys water cooler


How to clean a water cooler. DIY tutorial detailing the steps to follow to clean a water cooler. Wholesale Watercooler sells water coolers and replacement water filters: https://waterfilter.myshopify.com/ This video illustrates the process using the Wellsys JCP 8020 Venus water cooler as example. The Venus water cooler is a water purifier that uses water filters to produce filtered water and then store the purified water in a stainless steel water tank. In detailing how to clean a water cooler, this video illustrates how to drain the water cooler and then remove the top from the water machine. Removing the top exposes the cover of the stainless steel water tank where the filtered water is stored and the primary surface that we sanitize in cleaning water cooler. How to clean a water cooler video describes using hydrogen peroxide and clean paper towels as the readily available tools required for a non toxic sanitizing and easy water cooler service. The video also details how to clean the hot and cold water dispenser located on the front of the water machine. How to clean a water cooler video is part of a DIY video series specifically produced to improve water cooler service for the non professional and useful for a professional water company,. The information about water cooler service is based on many years of field experience actually servicing bottleless and bottle free point of use water cooler. The video series is focused on water dispensers that use water filters that are housed in a water machine and produce filtered water stored in a stainless tank. The water cooler we service includes reverse osmosis and when reverse osmosis is used the water cooler is considered a water purifier. Even though pure drinking water is produced by the RO water cooler, the stainless steel tank still needs to be cleaned. Surprisingly, our anecdotal experience suggests the reverse osmosis water machine needs cleaning more often than the water cooler that uses only carbon water filters. Aqua Systems hopes you find the video how to clean a water cooler helpful and we suggest watching our video how to change water filters to include instruction for complete service for your filtered water dispenser.

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