Home Tap Water Filter System

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Economy and quality are the best features of this naked water filter set. Naked because the filters are mounted to the cabinet wall with a filter holding clip (included) .

The water filter set includes all of the filters, fittings, and faucet for a complete installation of an undersink water filtration system.

The installation is straight forward and doable by any person that is sort of handy. It should take an hour or two. Video instruction is available and phone support is available too. If you need help with the the installation, we can and will help.

The filters should be replaced annually and the replacement set is just $49. The included quick no tool fittings makes changing filters easy.

This is a bargain for anyone wanting an engineered water filtration system to turn tap water into great tasting, clean and safe drinking water.

The set is supported with a 5 year replacement warranty. (excludes the consumable filters)



This engineered filter system includes the 4 NSF labeled filters: sediment, pre carbon, UF (ultrafiltration), and post carbon. Also included are all parts needed for a complete tap water filtration system: quick no tool fittings, water tubing, shut off valve,  T supply connector, 4 filter bracket for mounting, and a dedicated faucet.

The undersink filter system can be installed with quick connect / disconnect fittings to swap between home and RV camper or boat.

Add the RV Swap kit if you want a dual installation:

Add a refrigerator kit to supply the filtered water to the refrigerator. (

Water Filter Set with all fittings and faucet


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