Global G5 water cooler (bottleless)


The G5 Countertop Model Hot and Cold and ambient water is equipped with every feature of a floor-standing cooler, yet it fits easily on top of all countertops. The G5’s black and graphite color adds a modern style to any home or office.

Filter System
  • Standard Filter G5F
  • Stage 1:5 micron Sediment
  • Stage 2:1 micron Activated Carbon
  • Stage 3: 0.5 micron Post Carbon
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter GFRO
  • Above 3 stages plus
  • Stage 4: 50-GOD RO Membrane
  • Available in high capacity
  • 180- GPD RO Membrane
  • Dimension: 13″W x 14″D x 48″H
  • Shipping Weight: 77 lb
  • Cold tank volume: 1 gal
  • Hot tank volume: 0.5 gal
  • Room temp. tank volume 2.3 gal
  • Cooling Rate 1.5 gal/hr 35-50 °f
  • Heating Rate 1.3 gal/hr 180 °f
  • Electronic shut off system
Available options:
  • Add UV Light
  • Add Nano Silver Carbon Filter
  • Add Ozone Sanitization
  • Add Ultra Filtration Membrane
  • Upgrade to 180GPD Membrane


3 Stage Filtration or 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration Technology

Stage 1 – 5 Micron Sediment Filter

The first stage is a 5 micron Sediment filter that helps improve Sediment such as sand, rust and silt that is present in most municipal water sources.

Stage 2 – 1 Micron Granulated Activated Carbon Filter

The second stage of filtration is a 2 micron, granulated activated Carbon filter. This filter uses an advanced Carbon technology that has been certified by the NSF to remove hundreds of cancer-causing constituents such as pesticides, insecticides, petrochemicals, M.T.B.E’s, PCB’s, defoliants, and benzene.

Stage 3 – Reverse Osmosis Technology

The 3rd stage utilizes Reverse Osmosis technology, which removes any molecular compounds smaller in size than water molecules. Such compounds include salt, manganese, iron, fluoride, lead, and calcium.

Stage 4 – 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter

The 4th and final stage is a 0.5 micron Carbon block filter, which gives the water a final “polish”. It removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium. It also ensures that all chlorine has been removed, and that the water entering the holding tanks is completely odorless.


Big Dispensing Gap

Ideal for filling up large bottles or containers.

Drain Container

Smart technology drip tray that lets you know when it needs to be emptied.

Built-in cup holder

Invisible cup holder designed to fit flat bottom and cone cups.


**Filter life 2500 gallons or every 6 months.
**Replace (RO) membrane every 3-4 years.


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