This dealership opportunity is a real business used to build a profitable, recurring income business with low start-up capital, long term equity creation and a stable account base. The opportunity is focused on extensive market opportunity of pure drinking water and available across the United States. Our wholesale water coolers offer a unique opportunity in a vibrant and underserved market.

The Bottled water industry has experienced explosive growth over the past decade as consumers grow more health conscious and less trusting of tap water.

The basic fact is: The growth has been perpetuated by shrewd marketing and not excessive toxicity in our municipal water supply. Never-the-less, bottled water is everywhere and consumers want it and offices spend on it for their employees and customers. Not only that, they are in the habit of paying a lot of money for it; every month.

Here’s the good news. The consumer is educated, the market is mature, the business is profitable and the trend for office drinking water service is moving away from bottles and jugs. The bottleless water cooler is recognized as a much better alternative. The media exposes the wastefulness of bottled water; municipalities are banning bottled water in their facilities and launching environmental impact studies. Environmental groups and religious groups are in strong support of a smart bottled water alternative. Sixty Minutes did a piece on the negative impact of bottled water, knocking the industry. There are literally thousands of articles in the media about the negative impact of bottled water. The trend is rapidly changing and the consumer still wants pure drinking water. Demand is strong. Bottleless water coolers squarely meet the rising demand and the higher consciousness of savvy consumers.

The green alternative to bottled water is the point-of-use bottleless water dispenser.

Technological advancement and ingenuity are combined in a modern style to purify water form a building’s water source and dispense great tasting drinking water…without the bottle…without the price.

The manufacturers are taking notice, entrepreneurs are taking notice, everyone is beginning to take notice and the momentum is building rapidly for the bottleless alternative.

This opportunity is great and growing to address the growing trend of bottleless water coolers to serve existing bottled water customers in a convenient, cost effective, and environmentally safe manner.

The business is a bottleless water cooler leasing business. The business model is smart as a recurring income and equity building business. Even more attractive is the water cooler rental business is a very simple business. Start by buying a few wholesale water coolers, and then build an account base by adding a few accounts each week. In a short time you will have very attractive monthly recurring revenue stream with very little overhead and building equity every minute. Customer attrition is nil when you leverage reliable bottleless water dispensers and good communication with attentive customer service. Likely, ten years from now you will still be sending a monthly invoice to the very first account you establish. It’s an incredible business model with lasting value.

Undoubtedly, account creation is the single most important task in developing this business. Installation and ongoing water cooler maintenance are required, but not particularly demanding, however, it is imperative that you buy reliable water coolers that last and need little service. The wholesale water coolers offered to you now are of the highest quality made with LG components and built by a highly reputed South Korean manufacturer and warranted to last.

This business can be home based or based in a small flex space. The dealer opportunity does not require a large start up investment. You can start with a few thousand dollars and grow at any speed that suits you. There are not quotas or buying requirements. There initial minimum order size is 4 bottleless water coolers to prevent the retail buyer from receiving wholesale water cooler pricing. The storage required is 200 square feet or less and we will offer guidance on every aspect of the business, from product information to installation and maintenance.

Expert technical support for installation and ongoing cooler maintenance is always available and willing to guide you when you need it..

The trend towards the bottleless water dispenser is gaining momentum and the equipment we offer is very reliable and most competitively priced. You will be pleased with the quality of our wholesale water cooler, and even more pleased with the wealth you can create in this business.



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The 8020 utilizes a 9 stage Ultra-Filtration or Reverse Osmosis process to ensure that our customers drink cleaner, healthier water. The 8020 has an adjustable cooling capability which is powered by a LG Compressor.

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The 4011 provides large capacity with exceptional performance for the highest levels of consumption. The technology and innovative design is equipped with 9 stages of purification for clean, fresh and healthy drinking water.

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